The ever growing research for improved cancer care through the use of repurposed medications combined with conventional treatment continues to prove amazing results and this gives us hope. The hope for better outcomes overall and the knowledge that this is evidence based which is truly inspirational. Cancer patients have real hope to stop the cancer from growing and the possibility to become cancer free.

The world of research brings us inspiration. Each research project inspires many more projects with evidence to improve outcomes. This is the way of the future to combine all treatments so that patients can live longer, stronger, and better. Also, when your standard of care treatment is completed you can continue to block the cancer cells metabolic pathways by carrying on with repurposed medications, supplements and vitamins to prevent recurrence.

Perseverance to continue to beat all the odds. Hope is real because of evidence based research. Inspiration for all from growing research and patients success. The journey at times is not easy and requires hard work to eat healthy, take repurposed medications, supplements and vitamins, and stay physically active ever day. The hard work is worth it and will be beneficial.

Research gives us hope, inspiration and perseverance for all cancer patients. It’s time to join the journey and improve your outcome.

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