*Healing Made Personal Utilizing Groundbreaking, Cutting Edge Science



  • Innovative healthcare incorporating vitamins, supplements and “repurposed medications” or “off-label drugs” as adjunct treatment for cancer patients of all ages
  • “Repurposed Medications” or “Off-label Drugs” to make cancer cells more sensitive to radiation and chemotherapy and target metabolic pathways of cancer cells to cause their death a.k.a apoptosis = “cancer cell suicide”
  • “Repurposed Medications” or “Off-label Drugs” to the rescue
  •  Availability of All Compounded “Repurposed Medications” or “Off-label Drugs” including MEBENDAZOLE, even during the pandemic 
  • Enhance Standard of Care to improve your outcome
  • Personalized medical care for your specific illness with your own individualized protocol
  • Exceptional 1 on 1 patient care
  • Truly patient centered care
  • All questions answered and complete access directly to Dr. DiMilia
  • Empowering patients to heal through the latest science and mind-body medicine
  • Preventive Medicine and wellness focus
  • Extraordinary care to help you heal and stay on your path to wellness
  • The impossible becomes possible – everything is possible!
  • Giving patients back their hope!

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