I was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer 10 years ago and Dr. DiMilia is responsible for me doing so well and much better than the predictions.  You get the best care ever with great results.  It is great to be a positive statistic and it is possible for everyone.   S.V.


GBM Survivor of 3 years and I can thank Dr. DiMilia for going above and beyond.  I plan on being around a lot longer and with my protocol I know that I will.  I want to help others know that this can happen for them.  C.C.


Dr Mary Jo DiMilia, M.D. is the best Doctor I have ever known. She is always there when I need her and she goes the extra mile to make things right. Her medical knowledge is amazing and she actually cares about her patients. I would recommend Dr DiMilia to everyone. R.T.

An incredible pediatrician who uses up to date, evidence based medicine and out of the box thinking to fight aggressive disease. Her positive attitude, attention and priority care for her patients is above any we have encountered. She was instrumental in saving our child’s life for which we will forever be grateful. B. & M. SW

Phenomenal physician who is a true out of the box thinker able to use the latest science to help cancer patients get incredible results and is always available with a positive attitude & really cares! S.G.

Thank you Dr. DiMilia for all of your support and incredible knowledge about repurposed medications and supplements!! I am healthy today because of your expertise and I know I am fortunate to have you on my team!! T.T

When I was first diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer seven years ago my PSA was 369, I was afraid and confused. I was told the only treatment available to me was a drug called Lupron which was usually effective for about 18 months. After that my future treatments was unknown. I was not a candidate for any type of surgery because my cancer was too far advanced and not only in my prostate, but in my lymph nodes and bones. So that’s how my journey started. This is how I got my Prostrate cancer into remission. Using Lupron I was able to get my numbers down to around a PSA 15, but that was the best the Lupron could do. The Lupron treatment lasted for about 2 years and then started failing. Casodex was added to the Lupron, but it did not work for me. My numbers kept going up. My PSA was around 80 when Xtandi was added to the Lupron and that brought my PSA numbers back down. The Lupron and Xtandi lasted a few years and then my PSA numbers started going back up. Then I found Dr. Mary Jo DiMilia  to help me and she put me on a protocol that was amazing. It’s been almost a year since starting the protocol and my PSA is holding at 0.3. I am currently considered in remission and I do have my life back. Never give up, you can control your cancer, many people have done it including myself. If you would like to contact me please go through Dr. DiMilia and she will connect us. R.W.T.

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