HOPE is very powerful and important for all of us. Hope gives us strength to persevere and beat the odds. Hope is more than just a wish, it is the confidence to believe that we can achieve our goals. Hope allows us to believe and trust. Hope keeps us calm and peaceful which is great for our immune system. Never give up Hope and never let anyone take your Hope away. Hope and faith combine together to believe in the impossible which becomes possible. Remember when you have the advantage of science through the use of repurposed medications, vitamins and supplements, you have an edge over the standard of care alone. This fact helps give you more Hope!

2 thoughts on “HOPE

  1. luiposival@gmail.com October 26, 2020 — 1:47 am

    Thank you dr. DiMilia. I appreciate your wisdom and support.

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    Thanks for sending the email . I do believe in hope and faith. And I believe in you. Even tho I sometimes feel sad for myself, I will never give up. My times of sadness are short and my victories are many. I wish I had a way of curing everyone of cancer including myself. Until that day comes I will continue the fight.




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