Hope is Growing Every Day!

There is growing hope and optimism every single day for cancer patients. The cancer research and case by case evidence using “repurposed or off label medications” is giving everyone hope in the fact that survivors are becoming thrivers.

Also, in the near future this scientific evidence will not/ can not be ignored and will be added to treat cancer patients every where without dismissing the facts. The safety and benefits of “repurposed or off label medications” has so much hope to offer all cancer patients. Reap the benefits now, while we try to get those in power to realize it is time to acknowledge the facts and allow all cancer patients the opportunity to have a better outcome!

1 thought on “Hope is Growing Every Day!

  1. My husband was given 6-12 months to live in May. Hospice came in my home! I found Dr. DiMilia. She has given my husband quality of life, he’s not dying, & he has stage 4 colon cancer!!! I am so blessed to have Dr. DiMilia in our lives! He is doing much better with her holistic treatment. She is an amazing women that believes in life!

    Thank you Dr. DiMilia


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